Don't flip out. Flip the Classroom!

Some flips from English 111

Orwell and Hughes, defining moments in the lives of great writers. What made them tick?

Mon. 10/8
In-class activity: 1] Discuss summaries of the article, and 2] discuss the paragraphs which describe EI behaviors you have witnessed or behaviors which exemplify the lack of EI.

Assignment for Wednesday, 10/10/12, but first a note about the assignment for today. Folks, I gave an easy assignment (above) for a Weds. through Mon. span of five days, but only seven people were ready with it. I told you we would "flip" the classroom and do the hardest work in class--but that means that you HAVE to do YOUR part and make sure you are fully prepared for classes.
By the way, y'all seven folks who were prepared with your paragraphs and discussed them with your colleagues and me today, I have recorded the one-point of credit I had planned to give everyone who had their homework done. You GO! :-) Now, everybody, do the following:

Weds. 10/10
In-class activity: 1] Turn in your summary of the Emotional Intelligence article, 2] discuss the paragraphs which describe EI behaviors you have witnessed or behaviors which exemplify the lack of EI., and 3] begin composing your Emotional Intelligence essay.

Assignment for Monday, 10/15/12:
Follow my instructions for writing a researched essay on Emotional Intelligence. It is due at the beginning of class on Monday, 10/15.

Some Flips from Dev. English

Monday 2/20/12 and Tuesday, 2/21/12
In-class Activity: Identifying the
thesis statement and the "showing" details (Power 3 sentences) in the essay, "Succeeding Against the Odds."

Assignments for Wednesday 2/22/12 and Thursday 2/23/12:
Draft a one-pager (at least)
telling about someone you know personally or have known personally who, by your definition, has succeeded against difficulties. This person could be YOU!

Video resources (somewhat) related to our study of neuronal development during learning (these may prove useful when revising the brain development essay):

Brain devdelopment during learning:

The Nothing Box: According to Mark Gungor, men's brains and women's brains work differently. Hmmmm . . . .

Some Flippin' Resources

"The Flipped Classroom Infographic: A new method of teaching is turning the traditional classroom on its head" Graphic article on flipping

The Flipped Classroom (a site at Northern Colo. U.)

"Teachers Use Technology to Flip Their Classrooms"

Goanimate your lessons, or have your students do them!

Ted Talks tell all!