Pilot Program for VCCS Tidewater RCTE Certificate in Teaching Developmental Writing


VCCS Professional Development Committee Endorsement of 2009-2010 Pilot Program: 

"In keeping with the retention and success goals for developmental education students in the Virginia Community College System, the VCCS Professional Development Committee recognizes the importance of program-specific training for its developmental educators and hereby endorses the 2009-2010 Pilot Program:  Tidewater Region Certificate in Teaching Developmental Writing training program." Approved by VCCS Professional Development Committee, 28 Sept. 2009

To register for the events: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGZXNEdvUDg5SXdqZDcwbF9BeWhTQ0E6MA


Fall 2009 Seminar Session Plans.  Seminars will meet on Friday afternoons and will be recorded
for those who can’t make all of them but wish to earn the certificates.


Seminar I:  The Writing Process, Conferencing, and Handling the Paper Load in Developmental Writing (3 contact hours) Oct. 9th   TNCC-H


Seminar II:  Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles and Teaching Styles in the Developmental Classroom (3 contact hours) Oct. 23rd TNCC-H


Seminar III:  Teaching Grammar and Editing Skills (3 contact hours) Oct 27th Richmond VADE peer group meeting OR Nov. 6th TNCC-H



Seminar IV:  Holistic Essay Evaluation/Calibration Workshop (3 contact hours) Nov. 20th TNCC-H .Place: Espada Conference Center. Time 11:30-2:30


Spring 2010 Seminars


To register for the Sessions V through VIII: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGZXNEdvUDg5SXdqZDcwbF9BeWhTQ0E6MA

Seminar V: Cooperative Learning and Collaboration in the Classroom and among the Teaching Cadre (3 contact hours) 19 Feb. (TNCC-H Room 158)



Seminar VI: Strategies to Teach Student Responsibility and Incorporate Study Skills into the Curriculum (3 contact hours) 12 March, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


Seminar VII: TWIT, Teaching with Instructional Technology: Black Board (intermediate level) & Using On-line Resources and Delivery (3 contact hours) 26 March

Seminar VIII: "GIFTs: Great Ideas for Teachers, Your Turn to Shine," a participatory show-and-tell where registrants share best practices and “what works for me”                   Plus: Graduation! 16 April




·         F2f at participatory sessions

·         Remote access through VCCS Developmental Ed. Peer Group BlackBoard site, link to I-Tunes U


To earn (CEUs) credit:

·         Attendance, either f2f or via distance access

·         Short response pieces or outlines of practical application of each session topic on Blackboard site


Registration limits for 2009-2010 Pilot Program:

·         30 participants on site (f2f)

·         20 participants via BlackBoard remote access