Using Brain Research and Brain-Compatible Teaching to Develop Responsible Students
rick dollieslager

Rick Dollieslager

A Presentation at Arkansas State University, 14 May 2012

Part I: "Understanding and Teaching the Natural Human Learning Process"

Jump-starting the brain:

The N.H.L.P.

Integrating responsible behaviors: Note taking and prereading

electric brain

Educational Neuroscientist, Dr. Janet Zadina's brain resources and links, bookshelf, and video resources

learning pyramid

 The Learning Pyramid

Part II: "Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning to Develop Student Responsibility and Success"

Taking Responsibility:

  • Finish the Syllabus
  • "Popson's Dilemma" case study
  • "The Late Paper" case study

Thinking Responsibly:

Seeking Success:

  • Who's got the answer?
  • Do your homework
  • Ticket out the Door

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*Primary resources for Part II

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