Tracking the Truth: Media Bias and Media Bastions


Do you give a Kahoot?

Pre-Quiz: Can You Spot the Fake News Story?

"How Does Your Favorite News Source Rate on the ‘Truthiness’ Scale? Consult This Chart. The one above is the "first draft" from 2016. Check this 2021 version.

Why aren't people persuaded by facts?

"What are Facts and Opinions?" BBC 2011

How do news sources check the facts? "How to Fact Check The Atlantic." 25 Jan. 2018. (A very detailed description of verifying the facts.)

Red-flag news source analysis--what to look for and what to avoid: "Fake Or Real? How To Self-Check The News And Get The Facts" NPR, 5 Dec. 2016

Is it ALL fake? Is it ALL slanted? Not from professional journalists: The SPJ Code of Ethics.

Tracking the Truth
  • The Congressional Record: Track daily debates and search for your representatives' and senators' voting records, summaries of bills, etc., information directly from the Congress
  • Library of Congress The largest repository of primary sources of information aside from the Internet itself.
  • Fact Check.Org A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center: In an era of ever-increasing "fake news" sources, unreal "reality TV," entrenched political bias, science deniers, and rampant propagandizing, check your facts before you espouse your opinions or quote falsehoods.
  • Snopes "Welcome to, the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation."
  • Fact Checker. A service of The Washington Post
  • Hoaxy for visualizing the spread of claims and fact checking.
  • Urban Legends "Where you'll find the most popular urban legends and be entertained with email rumors, recent Internet hoaxes and stories you swore actually happened to your friend's, cousin's, pet sitter's, roommate, when she was in college."

Post-Quiz: Use your new "tools" and your "nose for news" to spot the REAL "fake news"!

"You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts." David Patrick Moynihan

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